How To Pick A Wedding Photography Location In Singapore?

We have talked about how to pick a wedding photographer in Singapore before, so in this post, we shall talk about how you should pick a wedding photography location in Singapore.

  • First of all, you need to decide if you are a nature, urban or a people person. If you love people, chances are, you should go to places like Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, where the view is good but there are still some people in the backdrop. If that type of candid photographs are the type of pre-wedding photographs you like, then you should go for that. However, for people like me, I don’t like anyone else other than me and my spouse in the prewedding photograph. After all, it’s us getting married, not others. In such a case, for people like me, then a place of nature which is secluded and far from crowds would definitely be a far better choice. For people like that, Macritchie Reservoir is a good choice and you should go there for your pre-wedding photography.
  • Second of all, once you know the general type of photograph you’re going to go after as mentioned above in point one, you would now need to to make sure that the colour of your dressing is going to look good against that backdrop. This is more about colour combination. If you’re not confident about this, make sure to consult your photographer. He or she should be able to advise you on this.

Always pick a good professional photographer and do not ensure that the photographer’s quality is worth his or her price. Never work with a photographer or photography studio which photographs you don’t like. This is not even like a food court where you can’t taste the food before you order. You can check out their portfolio online (e.g. before engaging them, so make sure you get a good wedding photography studio in Singapore!

A successful wedding photographer needs more than skills

A successful wedding photographer needs to be more than just skillful at taking photographs. Though wedding photography skill is a big factor in determining whether a wedding photographer is successful, it is not the only criteria. There are other criteria that a successful wedding photographer must possess.

Firstly, a wedding photographer needs to be considerate and sensitive to people’s feelings. In another words, a successful wedding photographer needs to have a high emotional quotient (EQ). Wedding photographers will need to meet and interact with different customers every day. They will be the direct front line to service the customers. Having a high EQ allows the wedding photographer to understand the needs and feelings of the customers better. Then, the wedding photographer will be able to serve the customers better. For example, wedding photographers can take note of any signs of customers feeling tired during the photo shoot. If the wedding photographer spots such signals, he can recommend a break which will delight the customers.

Secondly, a wedding photographer needs to be a good planner. For the pre wedding photo shoot, wedding photographers will need to plan the schedule, location and itinerary of the wedding photo shoots. The entire plan must flow smoothly and let the customers feel as hassle-free as possible. It will leave a bad impression if things go wrong during the photo shoot. Moreover, wedding photographers should make contingency plans in case of unexpected situations such as bad weather. Customers generally expect their wedding photo shoot to take place smoothly without any hiccups.

Thirdly, a successful wedding photographer must be able to sell their services. It is not enough that your skills are good when no one actually believes it. Your sales skills must come in. You must be able to persuade and convince people that you are good enough to provide them wedding photography services. A good wedding photographer will be able to confidently sell their photography services.

Last but not least, a successful wedding photographer must be open-minded. Sometimes, customers want things to go according to their plan. Though you may think that you have developed the best plan for the customers, you should ultimately listen to the customers as they are the ones paying for your service anyway. If customers cannot get what they want to achieve from you, they will go to other wedding photographers.

In summary, a successful wedding photographer needs to have a high EQ, be a good planner and salesman, and also be open-minded. It takes all of that to become a successful one. If you prefer just taking photographs and working for someone else, then join a wedding photography studio in Singapore i.e. Grandeur Wedding Studio instead. I understand some people don’t like the business aspects, and only like photographing couples at their weddings. In such a case, consider working at companies like Grandeur Wedding Studio ( Find details below:

Grandeur Wedding Studio
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How To Pick A Wedding Photographer In Singapore?

Picking a good bridal photographer from Singapore can feel complicated as there are so many studios and professional wedding photographers in Singapore – each offering their individual packages as well as prices.

In the sea of vast information and choices of wedding photographers available, how do you find the best and most suitable bridal photographer?

Here are some questions you can ask the photographer or studio to find out if they are the right fit for you and your fiance’s photo shoot or video shoot requirements.

  1. Can you show me your portfolio? – This is a question that you must ask them. It is ridiculous to engage a bridal photographer based on relationships or prices alone. You need to make sure that the quality of the wedding photographs taken by them in the past are good and suits you and your fiance’s tastes. Although most photography studios and individual photographers have an online portfolio, e.g. on their website, you must definitely ask them this question if they do not have an online presence. Make sure you and your fiance both like the type of photographs taken by the wedding photographer before you engage him or her.
  2. Ask them for the prices. Although prices should not be your main concern when it comes to wedding photography, it does matter… at least, the prices that the photographer charge has to be within a reasonable range of your budget. After all, there is no free lunch in this world.
  3. Ask them if they provide ROM, pre-wedding and actual day (AD) photography. Some companies or studios only provide 1 or 2 such services, and they’re not a full services wedding photography company. Make sure to find out first before regretting it in future. Find out earlier, then decide. Leave nothing to chance or the imagination.

Finally, ask them for their best price. Sometimes, some studios or photographers always have discounts, but they do not reveal it publicly. Hence, you should ask them.

Are there part time wedding photographers?

Many people aspires to become a professional wedding photographer, earning a living doing something he is passionate about. However, few dares to take the first step to make the dream come true. The wedding photography industry is small in terms of number of players – there are not many full-time professional wedding photographers in Singapore. People knows that a wedding photographer can earn a decent income if he is really good. However, many are skeptical on the market size and profitability of wedding photography in the long term. If not, some people may be afraid of long training time before they get really good at photography. Truth be told, the top wedding photographers possess some talents in photography. These reasons explains why many people chose to enter other safer industries such as logistics, marketing, banking, and accounting.

There is a solution to the last reason above (of being afraid of long training time before being skillful enough to sell their photography services). It is to practice photography during your free time after work. You may hold your normal office job and have a fixed 9 to 5 routine. After work, you can practice photography. Once you feel that you are good enough, you can start to sell your photography services part time. This is because you may be afraid to take the plunge into it full time. It is important for photographers to develop their own portfolio as a testament of their photography skills. Portfolio is essential so people will be able to judge your credibility and professionalism. If you start as a part time freelance wedding photographer, it will be quite difficult to find customers. It will be better to get a reputable wedding photography studio such as Grandeur Wedding Studio ( to endorse your wedding photography skills. They may be able to provide you with some customers on the condition of getting a cut of the service fee or a bond with the wedding photography studio. The latter option can be a great stepping stone into becoming a full time professional wedding photographer.

Why Pick Outdoor Wedding Photography In Singapore?

There are many bridal studios in Singapore which take amazing photographs, but I still recommend couples to take outdoor Singapore wedding photography. Why?

  1. There is far more flexibility when it comes to outdoor wedding photo shoots in Singapore versus an indoor studio one. This is because there is virtually no limits on the type of backdrop you can have. When you take an indoor studio photo shoot, there are only so many canvas backgrounds that the studio can provide you with. When you go for an outdoor wedding photography in Singapore, you get to pick anywhere in Singapore to have your photographs taken at. You are at full liberty, along with your fiance, to pick the destinations that you wish to have your images taken at. Even though Singapore is small, it offers lots of rural and urban backdrops for couples to have their wedding photos to be taken at, and that is why Singapore outdoor photography is so popular among couples getting married.
  2. Couples usually look much more relaxed and shots look more ‘candid’ than ‘posed’ when it comes to outdoor wedding photos. When you are in a studio, subconsciously, you will feel a strong urge to be very rigid and still. Only the photographer, if professional enough, will know how to loosen you up to take more natural looking wedding photographs. However, when it comes to outdoor photographs, you will not even need to try but you will still automatically look more candid and relaxed. This is because the environment we’re in can severely affect the way we behave and feel. This is also the reason why studio shots can look nice, but generally feel very serious. On the other hand, outdoor wedding photography in Singapore generally look very fun and nice still!

If you’re still in doubt, I’m sure I can convince you to pick an outdoor photographer instead. Email me if you still have any questions.

How to be a better wedding photographer

Dedicated to all the wedding photographers who strives to be better each day and also to all the people who aspires to be a professional wedding photographer, this blog post will provide you with some insights on how to be a better wedding photographer.

Tip Number 1: Know how to distance yourself from the couples when necessary
Some couples do not feel comfortable with a wedding photographer nearby taking pictures of them. They are shy in front of the camera, particularly with people around them. Hence, in order to let the couples feel more at ease so that you can take better wedding pictures of them, try to distance yourself further away from them. Use a longer lens so that you will still be able to take clear shots of the couples at a further distance.

Tip Number 2: Stay invisible for as long as you can
During the actual day wedding banquet, wedding photographers should stay low profile and under the radar. Try to not let the couples spot you taking pictures of them so that they will feel most at ease. This will allow you to take very natural shots of them at their happiest moment. Only a few people can maintain their natural actions after noticing that a wedding photographer is zoomed in on them.

Tip Number 3: Look confident
Couples will want to see that their wedding photographers are confident. This will give them great confidence about great wedding photo results. Confidence is contagious. It can go the other way too. If the couples see that the wedding photographer is not confident, they may perform worse during the wedding photo shoot.

Tip Number 4: Join a wedding photography community
Joining a wedding photography community allows you to interact with other wedding photographers. You can learn from each other and benefits more collectively as a group. I will recommend you to join a wedding photography studio such as Grandeur Wedding Studio or a wedding photography forums specially designed for wedding photographers only.

Tip Number 5: Visit the venue before the photo shoot day
If you already know which location you are going to have the wedding photo shoot at, you should visit it earlier. This will allow you to plan how and from where you are going to conduct the photo shoot. Being there alone first may bring our more creativity in you so that you can plan more creative photo shoots.

Besides these 5 points, there are many other tips out there for wedding photographers! Check out these 68 essential wedding photography tips shared by “Improve Photography”.

Renting A Wedding Gown In Singapore

If you’re looking for rental of wedding gown in Singapore, this is the right blog to look at before you actually step out there into the physical world and look for boutiques in Singapore to rent your dress from.

There are things that you should note before actually going out and renting your bridal gown. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Always ask them if you need to pay for the trying on of the wedding dress. Some boutiques in Singapore actually charge for the trying on of all wedding dresses, and you would be shocked with the bill if you did not ask them / they did not disclose it up front. Don’t run into potential unhappiness by forgetting to ask them that question.
  • Not every boutique in Singapore provides suit rentals. Do not rent a wedding gown and assume that the groom’s suit will be provided as well. Make sure to ask these questions (if necessary) before deciding to rent from the boutique.
  • Although most studios allow for the customizing in size for the wedding dresses, take note that most of them may require you to purchase instead of rent the wedding gown(s) if the size alterations required are too uncommon. For example, if you are too plump or skinny, then the alterations made would be rather significant. This means that after altering the wedding dress for you, they would find it difficult to rent out that same wedding gown again. Therefore, they may require you to purchase it in such a situation!
  • Some bridal gown boutiques need you to return the dress(es) within the next day or week of either your photo shoot or your marriage ceremony. However, others allow you to have it up to a month. You need to find out all these supposedly small details before renting from the bridal boutique.

The above tips should help you make your wedding gown rental process in Singapore a more pleasant one!

A blog focused on wedding photography in Singapore

A big hello to all my readers!

I am Andra, a wedding photography enthusiast in Singapore. I am quite different from the majority of my peers in terms of my passion and personality. I like photography and spend most of my time looking at great photographs captured all over the world on the internet. In particular, I love wedding photographs. Wedding photography is not well portrayed and marketed in Singapore. Hence, I would like to contribute to the wedding photography industry by sharing some of my knowledge and insights on wedding photography so that more people will understand the niche better.

Through this blog, I aim to cover on a broad range of topics regarding wedding photography, in both the customers’ and the wedding photographers’ perspectives. The ultimate goal is to educate the masses on the general knowledge behind wedding photography. During the process, I may also share some beautiful wedding photographs which I saw from the website. I would like to literate that I do not own these photographs and you can easily find out the owners of these photographs by googling the images.

So, to kick start the blog, I would like to share some wedding photographs taken in Singapore with you.

1. Couple happily immersed in their own worlds in a big grass field

Couple having their own quiet moment in a plot of lalang fields

Singapore has actually quite a few scenic locations where couples can take their wedding photographs at. The two photographs above prove that. If you are considering whether to take your wedding photographs locally or overseas, I will just tell you that local wedding photography in Singapore is enough.

In addition, beside wedding photography, you should definitely consider wedding videography as well. More and more people are taking up wedding videographer services in Singapore. It is the norm to see both wedding videos and photographs during wedding banquets now. As much as a wedding photography enthusiast I am, I am also intrigued by wedding videos. There are more content that a video can show as opposed to a wedding photograph.